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I have discovered a photo and video clip of myself - doing my famous "shadow animals" joke - on the Jongleurs website, taken from when I took part in their 2003 'Stand and Deliver' competition in Centenary Square in Birmingham. Use the links blow to have a look before that stuff goes the way of all out-of-date web pages.
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The good news is that dates are being announced for the GEOFF PARFITT COMEBACK TOUR. For latest confirmed dates see 'Latest News' page. For post-gig comments (most recent first), see below. But there's more about these on my blog website.


24 Aug 06 - Cradley Heath Real Ale House, Birmingham - 8/10
Oh!! What fun! The most enjoyable gig I've done for years. Let's hope this venue can be sustained to help me get more stage work, and improve my work as a comedian.

25 Apr 06 - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham - 5/10
The First gig in my big push for stardom... and I'm SERIOUS. An all new set, which I hadn't learned or rehearsed, which is why it didn't go too well. But my fans enjoyed it, and I know it's the start of something GOOD.


In the last year or so I have been preparing (more slowly than I would have liked) for a return to the stand-up stage. This I honestly expect to be worth the preparation work that I have been doing. I believe that my best work as a comedian is certainly to come, and I say that not only because of the new act that is currently gestating on my drawing board, but because of the standard of my previous efforts.

A brief history of my work as a comedian. My first gig was at The King's Head, Crouch End in November 1990. Since then I have done about 200 occasional gigs, being at my busiest in about 1996 when I managed about 50 gigs in that year. Highlights would be to get to the Edinburgh final stages of "So You Thing You're Funny" in both 1993 and 1998.

Apart from that, success has been hard to spot. I have performed at the Comedy Store in London, on the same bill as Jo Brand, Alan Davies, and Sean Lock. (What a bill!) I have had a paid spot at the Glee Club in Birmingham. I won a pair of bed socks in a stand-up cometition in Islington in 1992, and in 1997 I performed to over 1000 people at the Derngate Theatre in Northampton on a Saturday night of the Comedy Store Tour.

Oh... I've forgotten about my television work! I performed eight times on Stand-Up Live for the LIVE TV cable TV station in 1995 and 1996. I have video tapes of those performances, and even though most of them are less than good, there is one that I can watch without too much pain.

In the last few years my sparse work on stage has been less than inspiring for myself... and even less so for the audiences. However my ambition to continue as a comedy performer will not die. To that end, I have been hard at work to understand the real secrets of a progressive and successful stand-up comedy act.

I have been studying the work of those comedians whose work I enjoy and respect. To see who these gods are, move on to my "Stand-Up Heroes" page of this website. I strongly believe that this is truly the best way of learning about good stand-up comedy. Identify the comedians who you think do the best work, and watch and listen to their tapes and discs over and over again.

I have also been reading and re-reading what I think are the most helpful texts on stand-up technique. The books that I recommend are the two by Judy Carter ("Stand-Up Comedy - The Book" and "The Comedy Bible") and the books by Steve Roye that can be downloaded from the Killer Stand-Up Website. Helpful web links are below on this page.


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Judy Carter Website
Killer Stand-Up Website
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Photo of me from Jongleurs website
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