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Geoff as Comedy Writer

I am a comedy writer. If I'm anything, I am a comedy writer... as well as a performer and teacher, of course. BUT... and this is a big BUT... I am a comedy writer who is not being fully utilised in a commercial way that is profitable to Geoff Parfitt Enterprises.

I can do it. I can. I can write jokes, particularly topical jokes, sketches (to a prescribed length, and for a particular set of characters and scenario... if necessary), and stand-up material in any desired style. I can write for adults or children, or write material without wordplay that can be easily translated. But is anybody asking me to write any comedy for them? Are they ****!

So... What I'm saying is... (in the words of Yossa Hughes) "Gizza Job. I can do that!"... or to put it in a more boring way...

I am currently awaiting opportunities to engage in comedy writing for anyone who is ready to offer me a contract or commission. Not only can I write original material to specification, but I have a standing archive of original material that can be used and adapted.

I'm talking about over 300 sketches covering all types, and jokes of different styles, in particular many jokes based on different occupations, which were surplus to requirements when I was writing for the Bob Monkhouse quiz show 'WIPEOUT'.

It is not in my best interests to display my origial material openly on this website, but if you would like to see examples of my comedy writing of a particular type, please let me know by email, and I can send you a good representative sample of what I can do in that style.

An example of my writing can be accessed via the other link below. This is the page of my lines from the 'Amusing Quotes' website.


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