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I was first introduced to the name Sam Kinison from a Jerry Sadowitz routine on TV and knew immediately that by association with Jerry this was a comedian whose work I needed to know. And I'm so happy that I do, and unhappy that a lot of you don't.

Far a comedian who demonstrates the potential power of a stand-up comedy performance so spectacularly, Sam Kinison is a great loss to many lovers of comedy outside America. Where his contemporary and friend Bill Hicks was happy to be discovered internationally, and made tours of the UK, Kinison made his big breakthough as a comedian after he was thirty, and was happy to pursue his career at home. Only eight years later he was dead after a car crash.

In fact, if you don't know his work, your next move should be to use the link below to the Broadband Video Clip, and then to the Kinison websites, where more great audio or video material of his work can be streamed to your pc. Oh, I'm so excited for you at the very thought of that experience!

After those clips have whetted your appetite, there are some great DVDs available too. 'Sam Kinison - Why Did We laugh?' should be a must for any library of classic stand-up. The HBO Special 'Breaking The Rules' is great too, and each can be bought and delivered for under a tenner. Use the 'DVD Price Check' website link below to buy them online.

For years, I only knew work from the audio recordings I found, and those CDs are also essential listening. 'Louder Than Hell', 'Live From Hell' and 'Have You Seen Me Lately' are all great. 'Leader Of The Banned' is mostly his attempt at being a rock star and is optional.

If you do stand-up yourself, or want to, you should know Kinison. To hear how to express your anger about the shit you have to put up with in your life - especially if you're married! - listen to Sam.


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