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Midlands Comedians

This page is my chance to share MY opinions on Midlands comedians.

Previously on this page I had my thoughts about the stand-up comedians I knew who were based in the region when I originally set up this page. Those comments are now well out of date. Many of those acts are no longer working.

SO... From now on I shall update this page by putting new reviews of acts based locally I have seen AFTER I see them work.

Now we can start:

TOM BINNS (Last seen 01-DEC-05)
I've known Tom and watched him work for many years. He is a very competent and entertaining act and compere, mixing audience banter with well written routines.

JAMES COOK (Last seen 28-JUN-06)
James is a very likeable and intelligent comedian, and for a young man already has over ten years experience. He displays great technique and understanding of stand-up comedy. He is still getting better, and could become very good indeed.

DAVE DINSDALE (Last seen 24-AUG-06)
It's wonderful to see him back on stage. A great combination of strained wordplay, social and political comment, and observations from the viewpoint of a true brummie. Hopefully, with regular performances to supportive audiences he can reclaim his place as the best of the up-and-coming Birmingham comedians.

ADE FREEMAN (Last seen 25-APR-06)
A bit rusty this time out after a while away from the microphone. But I've seen enough of his work to know good he can be when he gets it right.

JIMMY FRINTON (Last seen 25-APR-06)
At last doing the subversive act that he has shown promise of before in moments of his old act. Lets hope he keeps working... and keeps working in that style.

DEAN GARBETT (Last seen 24-AUG-06)
A very effective comedian, especially around his home base in the Black Country. He has well constructed material based on strong feelings and controversial ideas. He has developed performance skills that aid in his delivery.

IAN McDIARMID (Last seen 24-AUG-06)
Back to his best. He's had a break from stand-up and its given him the chance to shake off whatever had stifled his old unpredictablity. I think he must have got into the bad habit of rehearsing or something. Let's hope he doesn't make that mistake again.

ADAM MONTGOMERY (Last seen 26-JAN-06)
I've known Adam since he attended my Comedy Writing classes in Stratford. He is a very competent compere and likeable comedian. On this occasion he did very little prepared material.

JASON SCOTT (SCOTTY) (Last seen 25-APR-06)
Always entertaining from just being who he is. With the good comedians, it's never about material. We need people like Scotty.

JOHNNY SORROW (Last seen 24-AUG-06)
Johnny is a novelty act, but a very good one. Lots of noise, energy, movement, and facial expressions. Don't expect any substance, don't expect any change in his act, but DO expect to laugh.


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