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This is GEOFF PARFITT ONLINE, the website of the comedian, writer and teacher Geoff Parfitt, whose words you are now reading.

COMEDY... Very popular! The purpose of my home-made website is to promote my activities in and knowledge of the wonderful world of COMEDY. The following aspects of COMEDY will be covered in the pages of this site:

COMEDY THINKING... My infrequent news and thoughts about COMEDY are now available in my BLOGGER.COM webpage. There's a link below.

COMEDY PERFORMING... There's news of my own gigs... WHEN THEY ACTUALLY OCCUR!... as the GEOFF PARFITT COMEBACK TOUR continues.. OR NOT!! Plus details of performing opportunities. And links to websites of Midlands comedians and comedy clubs.

COMEDY HEROES... There's stuff about comedians whose work you should all know about. People like George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Eddie Izzard, Sam Kinison, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, Billy Connolly... In fact that's my full list. I was going to create more pages for other heroes, but that will now appear as postings of my blog.

COMEDY WRITING... There's news of my successes as a comedy writer. If you are LOOKING FOR a comedy writer, check out my 'Writer Geoff' page on this site which will show what I've done and can do.

COMEDY TEACHING... One of the purposes of this site WAS to provide information about my courses for Comedy Writing and Stand-Up at Stratford-upon-Avon College and elsewhere. HOWEVER... NO MORE!!... AND CERTAINLY NOT IN STRATFORD... OR IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

COMEDY MEETINGS... I am based in Dorridge, near Solihull in the West Midlands, and I am founder, president, etc of the 'Solihull Comedy Writers and Performers' group who USED TO meet occasionally to share news and make plans. There are more details elsewhere on this website... but sorry again. There's nothing happening for the time being... AND IS UNLIKELY EVER TO HAPPEN!

If you want to know more about what Iím doing or think I can help you, feel free to get in touch. Sometimes I may be away from my pc for a while, so if you need a quick response try my mobile - 07763-868938.


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